Status Update for 0.7

Sun, 21 Nov 2010 09:49:32 GMT by pijulius, 21396 views

Things are starting to pick up with jCore, we already passed 30,000 downloads and I'm happy to say that I will have even more time in the future to work on jCore. A lot has been already done and the plans for the next next one (0.8) are also coming together. Here is the list of the things already finished for the next release (0.7) which I hope will be out next month for Christmas :).

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Pre-Installed jCore from TMDHosting

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 08:38:57 GMT by pijulius

Happy to announce the availability of Pre-installed jCore system package from TMDHosting with Free domain name and unlimited space & traffic! You will also be given technical support and be running on a well known cPanel system which is also used by jCore for testing and running.

Check out the TMDHosting jCore package and once we have template management in the next version it will be even easier to set up your site.

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22,000+ Downloads and Plans for next release

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:57:15 BST by pijulius, 8092 views

I'm very happy to say that the current release has almost reached 1,000 downloads and we now have surpassed the 20,000 grand total downloads. Also the forum is starting up slowly but surely, we have around 50 members and active supporters who try to help out with questions and more ideas are coming in with every day. Keep on reading for the features that are planed for the next release.

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jCore on Hiawatha web server

Sun, 03 Oct 2010 08:08:29 BST by pijulius, 17307 views

If you want to run jCore on Hiawatha I'm happy to say that you can. My friend Sebastian just did a quick setup of jCore on Hiawatha and the only thing needed to change was the .htaccess file rules for the SEO friendly links.

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Newsletter module and jCore 0.6.1 Released!

Sun, 19 Sep 2010 02:58:27 BST by pijulius, 8903 views

A new Newsletter module has been finished and with it I would like to release an updated version of jCore with some pretty changes like all stripslashes have been dropped, all template images including the icons library have been optimized using Google's Page Speed which saves ~1MB in total size, better CSS/JS compression handling with support for deflate and more.

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Forum is up and ready

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 07:55:00 BST by pijulius

Now that the new release is out I would like to start building up a community around it (with your help of course), so I have set up a Forum where you can start sharing your thoughts, ideas and get help on implementing and developing new modules, templates and more. Quick support is still here but in the future please use the forum for all your questions/support.

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jCore 0.6 Released!

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 08:10:52 BST by pijulius, 282428 views

UPDATED! I'm happy to announce jCore 0.6! Marking one year with jCore I thought it was time for a new look too, so besides new modules like Poll, Video gallery and moving to HTML5  we also have a new default template. I'm pretty happy with this new version, it starts to feel more like what I had/have in mind and with the new changes/fixes is the most robust release. Read on for the detailed list of changes if you dare :)

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