I'm very happy to say that the current release has almost reached 1,000 downloads and we now have surpassed the 20,000 grand total downloads. Also the forum is starting up slowly but surely, we have around 50 members and active supporters who try to help out with questions and more ideas are coming in with every day. Keep on reading for the features that are planed for the next release.

As with daily usage of jCore and more and more people are using it in the last month I have been gathering together changes/new features that I would like to see added to the next release which are:

  • Add Reordering possibility to Menus
  • Add possibility for shopping item options like color, size
  • Add option to Hide subgroup items for shopping categories
  • Add shopping item weight and somehow link it to cart fees
  • Make shopping item number optional and have it autofilled from title and id
  • Make shopping NameOnCard field to be FullName field so it can be used from user profiles
  • Add Shopping Cart VAT/Tax Settings that should be exactly like Fees just for countries you can define VAT percentages
  • Add option for shopping items to check if Taxable or not
  • Add option to send to a different email address the result of a dynamic form
  • Add dynamic form field option to be shown only in admin or for guests, members or all
  • Add pgp email sending option
  • Hide search notification when Similar items are shown in shopping cart
  • Add custom success text to dynamic forms so they can be edited
  • Add dynamic form receptions possibility for e.g. Tech Support, Sales Support and so on
  • Rewrite dynamic form fields so values can be added directly from there using textarea (should speed up form building and easy the process)
  • Add account pending status to users
  • Include avatars using gravatar.com
  • Add shopping item special price with start/end date
  • Make shopping item to use dynamic form so items can be extended with custom fields
  • Add option to shopping items to show related products just like for posts
  • Add multifile upload to pictures/attachments so you can upload a bunch of files without having to select them one by one
  • Add template manager
  • Add update manager
  • Add multi step dynamic forms option
  • Allow to show keywords for post only in a defined menu item
  • Automatically activate an account if made trough checkout and received payment confirmation
  • Let people choose a different checkout method if order not completed in shopping orders
  • Add option to disable username changing
  • Contact form should be automatically completed if logged in
  • Hide modules when attaching to menu items if they don't have display() function (could be good for admin only modules)
  • Add option to shopping to define currency location (left, right)
  • Allow languages to be reordered too
  • Make jCore https compatible
  • Add favorite links dropdown button to admin so the navigation gets even faster

jQuery plugins planed to be added:

This would be the "final" list of features for the next release but if you have any important feature that can be easily implemented or fixed please let me know and I will do my best to get it in. Please use the forum to send in more ideas/fixes.

Thanks for everyone who sent in new ideas/fixes!