As a designer you may need different templates that aren't available on the site in this case please consider sharing your template with others as it may make their life easier as this system hopefully does for you. 

To submit a template just send your template package using the form below and once reviewed it will be posted on the site asap.

Submit Template

Rules for Creating Templates

A few tips for developers when creating a new template.

  • The structure of a template

    template.php     (contains the template details and the functions needed to run on install)
    template.js         (contains the javascript functions needed to be run for the template)
    template.css     (contains the css declarations for your template)
    template.jpg      (a preview of your template usually 800x600)

    Optional files/directories
    admin.css        (a separate css file for the admin section)
    images/             (directory that contains the images)
  • First important thing is the header that should contain the details of a template added as comments to your template.php file. For e.g.:

     * Name: Example Template
     * URI:
     * Description: This is an example template.
     * Author: Istvan Petres
     * Version: 1.0
     * Tags: example template, gpl

  • Second important thing is to have an installSQL() and installFiles() functions which both get called if the template is loaded for the first time. These function install all the neccesary files/tables that are needed for the template to function. (they should always return true on success)
  • API, Partial Classes
    There is an option to extend all the jCore's functionality using the API available in the system, it is pretty simple just create a folder called lib/ and copy to this folder any of the php files found in the jcore-server/lib/ directory and start editing the functions you would like to change/extend. For an example of the API usage please see the Grunge template.

As usually the best way to understand something is to look at examples so I have attached an empty template below that should have all the minimum requirements to create a template as it was thought to be.

* When submitting a new template you agree to receive email notifications from comments posted to your module but your email address will never be shared with anyone. You can opt out of these email notifications by checking "Disable Notification Emails" in you account page but please note, this will deactivate all notification emails except new password requests.