Starting from jCore ver. 0.7 you are able to install separate templates for each of your website. Installing templates is pretty easy and you can switch between templates easily from the admin or even set a template for your admin section too.

Automatic Install

  • Using the automatic install you don't have to manually take care of extracting the template from it's package, just go to Admin -> Template Manager, and using the form on the bottom of the page upload your template package file (usually template-name.tar.gz) and click submit and that's it.
  • Once submitted the new template should show up immediately in your templates list and just click Activate to activate that template for your website.

Manual Install

Manual install is usually only required if you don't have write access to template/ directory or the template is to big to be extracted automatically.

  • In these cases just simple save the template of your choice to your pc and then using for e.g. Total Commander just extract the template-name.tar.gz file to your website's template/ directory and that's it.
  • Once you have extracted the template to your website's template/ directory it should show up in your Admin -> Template Manager and just click Activate to activate the template.

Hope the instructions are helpful, if you have any problems please let us know in the comments.

Creating Templates

Please see Template Rules for how to create and submit templates.