There are two ways to install modules. The one is by copying over the module file to the lib/modules/ directory for each client and the other one is by copying over the module only to the jCore server's lib/modules/ directory and let all client sites use them.

Install Standalone module

By installing a standalone module you will have to keep them updated one by one as these modules are installed separately for each client. To do this just follow the step by step instruction below:

  1. Copy the module.class.php file over to lib/modules/ directory for the jCore client you have set up, usually /home/yourclient/public_html/lib/modules/
  2. Load the admin page and under Module Manager you should find your new module, just hit activate and that's it.

Install Multisite module

To install a multisite module you will have to copy over the module file to your jCore server-s directory and then manually add the module to the client's db. I know this isn't as easy as the above one but this method should be used if you have multisites as this way you will only have to keep one version updated for all your clients. Here is a step by step instruction:

  1. Copy the module.class.php file over to the lib/modules/ directory of your jCore server you have, usually in /var/www/jcore/lib/modules/
  2. Go to the client's administration section and under the Module Manager you should see the module, just hit Activate and that's it.

NOTE: MODULENAME should be always the text that is before the .class.php for e.g. if you want to install photogallery.class.php you would enter PhotoGallery for the modulename. No spaces or any other characters should be used only alphabetic characters and the name is case insensitive so you can format it if you want.

Hope the instructions are helpful, if you have any problems please let us know in the comments.

Creating Modules

Please see Module Rules for how to create and submit modules.