jCore CMS Open Source Licenses

All jCore (Julius' Core) code is Copyright 2009-2011 by Istvan Petres (aka P.I.Julius).
jCore CMS is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL open source licenses. This triple copyleft licensing model avoids incompatibility with other open source licenses. These Open Source licenses are specially indicated for:

  • Integrating jCore CMS into Open Source software;
  • Personal and educational use of jCore CMS;
  • Integrating jCore CMS in commercial software, taking care of satisfying the Open Source licenses terms, while not able or interested on supporting jCore CMS and its development.

jCore CMS Commercial License - Closed Distribution License - CDL

This license offers a very flexible way to integrate jCore CMS in your commercial application. These are the main advantages it offers over an Open Source license:

  • Modifications and enhancements doesn't need to be released under an Open Source license;
  • There is no need to distribute any Open Source license terms alongside with your product and no reference to it have to be done;
  • No references to jCore CMS have to be done in any file distributed with your product;
  • The source code of jCore CMS doesn’t have to be distributed alongside with your product;
  • You can remove any file from jCore CMS when integrating it with your product.

The CDL is a lifetime license valid for all releases of jCore CMS published during and before the year following its purchase. Please select the license option that best fit your needs above. It includes 1 year of personal e-mail support.

Third party codes

There are a few libraries/codes used in jCore that are provided by third parties and each of them are released under separate licenses but are not affected by jCore CMS so you can easily keep them under their respective licenses or replace them with your own codes.

CKEditor: At lib/ckeditor/ can be found part of the source code of CKEditor (the WYSIWYG editor for posts), which is under a separate license (http://ckeditor.com/license). CKEditor is Copyright (C) 2003 - 2011, Frederico Knabben.

ToobPlayer (Flash player for .flv files): At lib/flash/ can be found a flash player which is under the MIT License (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License). ToobPlayer is Copyright (C) 2009, Elvis Mehmedović

Fonts: At lib/fonts/ can be found the fonts available in jCore which are under the GPL2+ license if not otherwise noted.

PHP-gettext: At lib/gettext/ can be found the source of the GetText functionality if no implementation found by default in php. The code is released under GPLv2 (or any later version). Copyright 2003, 2006, 2009 -- Danilo "angry with PHP[1]" Segan

Icons: At lib/icons/ can be found the icons used in jCore which are under the GPL2+ license if not otherwise noted. (Led Icon Set - by Marcis Gasuns, GNOME-Colors - by Victor C, Tango Icon Library - by Tango Desktop Project)

jQuery: At lib/jquery/jquery.js can be found the compiled code while at lib/jquery/sources/jquery.js can be found the source code. jQuery is released under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses. Copyright 2011, John Resig

jQuery Plugins: At lib/jquery/ (all files except jquery.js) can be found the compiled code while at lib/jquery/sources/ (all files except jquery.js) can be found the source codes for all the plugins. Plugins are released under GPL and MIT licenses types unless noted differently, please see plugin sources for specifications.