The easiest way to install jCore server and/or client is trough the new simple all in one installer. The installer is just one simple php file called "install.php", after downloading this file you just put it in a directory where you would like to install jCore server and/or client and load the install.php in your browser.


Please note: you don't need to separately download jCore server/client or set up the mysql tables, you just only need the install.php and that will take care of everything.

Using the Installer as standalone file

  1. Once installer started it will automatically check for latest jCore versions and save those information for a day, so it won't bother you with this check every time you run the installer. You can anytime force this check to be run manually by clicking on the recheck link at the top where the version information are shown but installer will check automatically again after 24 hours.
  2. The first step when using installer is to choose the jCore server or client you would like to install. If you not sure what to select and you would like to only set up a new site like with Drupal and/or Joomla just select jCore Server.
  3. Next you will need to define the location where you want to install jCore to, if it is the same directory where installer is in you can leave the path/url with predefined values.
  4. Now the only thing is to define your SQL user/pass and the db which you would like to use for your site and that's it.
  5. After pushing the Install button the installer will download the latest jCore version, unpack it and make the neccessary changes then download the latest jCore sql file for the database and set that up too. When everything is successfully the downloaded packages will be deleted automatically but you can force the installer to keep the packages by checking the "Keep Packages" option in the installer.
  6. When installing jCore client you have to define the jCore server's URL and Path and the modules you would like to use in the client site and that's it.

Using the installer on pre-extracted systems

Starting from jCore installer ver. 0.6 it is possible to use the installer on pre-extracted systems. This is usually only required if PHP's memory limit is to low to process the whole jCore-server package automatically so in these cases you should do the followings:

  • Extract jCore server and/or client to your directory of choice where you would like to install jCore to.
  • Copy over the installer (install.php) to the same directory and load it using your browser.
  • Once you loaded the installer it should show you that it recognized the pre-extracted system by not giving you a choice on which system to install (client or server) and print you a message saying "jCore client and/or server ver-X.X (found extracted at the Install Path)"

The rest will be the same, just follow the installer's steps and that's it. Also this way the installer will only need write access to or