We are pleased to introduce our jCore hacking contest! In this contest we have $1000 in rewards, our first price is $500, second $300 and the third is $200. All rewards will be sent out using Paypal so you will receive real money! 

Contest Deadline: September 1 (a month of hacking)

Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you for your submissions, the contest is now over and the winners will be contacted by email for receiving their rewards.

How does it work

It's pretty simple. Go to hack.jcore.net and find a way to compromise the system. All hacks that are using the weakness of jCore or other part of the server but combined with jCore code will be accepted and once confirmed/approved you will enter the contest to win. When you found a hack just submit it to us with all the details to confirm/duplicate the hack and that's it. 

IMPORTANT: only do your hackings on hack.jcore.net or your own setup as otherwise you may get into illegal activities and I won't be able to assist you. Also you can use the test account on hack.jcore.net to access the members only area, user: test pass: testing

Submitted hacks

You can view the list of submitted hacks and their approval statuses in the list below. *The winners are simply chosen by the numbers of approved/confirmed hacks submitted, so the more hacks you found the better/safer it is for you to receive the prices. 

#NameLast hack OnHacks SubmittedPendingDiscardedApproved
1.10n1z3dFriday, 19 August 201110037
2.MudkipTuesday, 30 August 2011200146
3.thethatguyFriday, 5 August 20117061
4.RoziinSideSaturday, 6 August 20115050
4.eidelweissFriday, 5 August 20113030
4..Phoenix.Thursday, 4 August 20111010
4.cofin_zukerbergThursday, 4 August 20111010
4.githanurulWednesday, 3 August 20111010
4.radialsabWednesday, 3 August 20111010

For the rules to participate in this contest please see the rules section of the submit your hack page.

*NOTE: in case where there will be more then one in the same place (but I hope this will not happen) meaning two will have the same number of approved hacks the price will be shared, for e.g. A = 2 hacks, B = 2 hacks, C = 1 hack, then the prices would be A = $400, B = $400 and C = $200. If there are more than three people with the same number of hacks (as this could also happen) the order of the winners will be chosen randomly.

Happy hacking!