Dynamic forms are submitable forms that you can create from your admin to let people communicate with you or to gather informations from your users. 

When creating a new form you have two options to store the data that gets submitted. One is to store it in a table, in this case please specify a name for all your field you would like to save in your db, and the other option is to have it sent you trough email. You can also combine the two this way lets say creating a Guestbook. 

The following field types are available when creating a new form:

  • Text (simple one line input like Your Name)
  • Email (email input field with email verification already implemented)
  • Checkbox (you can have not just one but multiple checkboxes to pick from, just define multiple values for this field and that's it)
  • Radio (just like checkboxes but you can only pick one from the list)
  • Select (a list of items / values a user can select from)
  • Multi Select (just like select but one can select multiple items from the available ones using the CTRL key)
  • Textarea (a bigger text entry where one can describe his thoughts, for e.g,. Questions/Comments)
  • Date (a date field with popup calendar when focused)
  • Date Time (just as the date field but you can define the time too)
  • Static text (this will display only the text you define for you field's Title, this way allowing you to make notes in your form)
  • Password (a password field where *** will be shown when data entered)
  • Confirm Prev Field (is a field that will require the user to enter the same data that he has entered in the prev field, this is usefull for email and/or password confirmation)
  • Hidden (this is useful if you wan to transfer data not seen by the user)
  • Verification Code (is an image code that user has to enter to confirm his not a robot)
  • File (if you would like to upload a file trough your form)
  • Button Submit (is the submit button for your form)
  • Button Reset (to let people reset their forms)
  • Buttion (a button that does nothing unless you define an action from Javascript)
  • Open Frame Area (is an element that lets you have different inputs grouped together into one are and when the are's title is clicked they will get expanded / colapsed)
  • Close Frame Area (is used to clease an area. This should be always added after Open Frame Area is used and after the input elements you would like to include in that area)

NOTE: if no button (of any kind) is added to a form the Submit and Reset buttons will be automatically added to your form.

Forms can be included easily in any content using the content codes. For further details on content codes please see Features -> Content Codes.

With this feature you should be able to create any kind of form a client needs for e.g. a Feedback or Contact form.