These codes can be used to access different codes from the system in your post and other places that have a Content. For e.g. you could display a block right here, or show the current server time and so on. There are two ways to call codes, the ones are dynamic codes/script that first will run and then display the result, these codes are always entered like this {script}arguments{/script} , the other way is to display defined values, for e.g. current time and date and so on. These variables can be accessed like this %VARIABLE% . All Global Settings constants/defnitions can also be accessed this way.

These are some of the variables you can use, but these variables (definitions) can always be extended by modules:

  • %NOW% = 2021-09-19 02:22:27
  • %NOW_DATE% = 2021-09-19
  • %NOW_YEAR% = 2021
  • %NOW_MONTH% = 09
  • %NOW_DAY% = 19
  • %PAGE_TITLE% = jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS
  • %SITE_URL% =
  • %JCORE_VERSION% = 1.0
  • %META_KEYWORDS% = jcore, jcore cms, multisite cms, cms, content management system, php, mysql, lamp, web cms, multi site cms, php cms, open source cms
  • %META_DESCRIPTION% = jCore is the web Content Management System build especially for webmasters to easily maintenance multiple websites (multi site cms)
  • %WEBMASTER_EMAIL% = webmaster @
  • %PAGE_TIMEZONE% = Europe/London
  • %PAGE_CHARSET% = utf-8
  • %PAGE_404_ERROR_TEXT% = Will display address not found error text.

The followings are some of the script codes implemented in the core system but these also can be extended by modules easily:

  • {translate}Text to translate{/translate} = Text to translate
  • {random}1/10{/random} = 7
  • {url}uri{/url} = /features/content-codes?
  • {url}encode{/url} = Will display the url encoded so you can use it in codes like for e.g. the Facebook like button
  • {url}server{/url} =
  • {url}sessionid{/url} = 0ga936f67p5d5sdkl34bihs1q2
  • {url}root{/url} =
  • {url}title{/url} = About / Features / Content Codes - jCore - the Webmaster's Multisite CMS
  • {url}description{/url} = Content codes like {script}arguments{/script} can be used to access different codes from the system in your post and other places that have a Content. For e.g. you could display a block on the side with the shopping cart info (My Cart: x items $ by adding the code {modules}shoppingcart/info{/modules} to the block's content. Also it is possible to show definitions like all Global Settings constants like %PAGE_TITLE%.
  • {languages}{/languages} = Will display languages link
  • {languages}en{/languages} = Will display only en language link
  • {menus}main-menu{/menus} = Will display the Main Menu Block
  • {menus}main-menu/modules{/menus} = Will only display the Modules submenus from the Main Menu Block
  • {menus}main-menu/en/about-us{/menus} = Will only display the About-Us submenus but please notice the en/ which specify the language. This is needed if multilanguage support is turned on so you can show all menus from a language, for e.g. {menus}main-menu/en{/menus}
  • {posts}modules{/posts} = Will display all the posts from the Modules menu item/page
  • {posts}news/latest{/posts} = Will display the latest post made in the News menu item/page
  • {posts}news/rand{/posts} = Will randomize the list of posts in the News menu item and show them in random order, you could also limit them by news/rand/1 to show only 1 random post
  • {posts}calendar{/posts} = Will display a small calendar with the month days linked to posts created on that date
  • {posts}keywords{/posts} = Will display post keywords cloud, you can also limit the number of keywords by adding the number to the end like keywords/10 which would display only 10 keywords
  • {blocks}footer{/blocks} = Will display the footer block and it's content
  • {modules}photogallery{/modules} = Will display the Photo Gallery module while
  • {modules}photogallery/landscapes{/modules} = Will display only the Landscapes gallery and all it's subgalleries from the Photo Gallery
  • {forms}contact{/forms} = Will display the Contact form. With this option you can display any kind of dynamic form you have.

With content codes you should be able to achive any kind of combination to display a content. You can use content codes in Posts, Blocks (Content field), Photo Gallery (Description field), File Sharing (Description field) and any other modules that have content codes implementation.