jCore 1.0 is taking a "bit" more time than hoped for but because of some security bugs reported in the last days (thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab) I would like to push out 1.0pre2 which takes care of these and also includes some fixes/additions that I'm sure you all were looking for.

Quick list of all changes

  • Fixed LC_MESSAGES undefined bug
  • Fixed fatal error on activating/deactivating users
  • Fixed fatal error on creating order in admin
  • Fixed ajax form to show content in the right target-ed area (for e.g. when selecting owner)
  • Fixed ccBill responseDiggest calculation (for verifying a ccBill order)
  • Fixed ajax script parser to work with multiline script tags too
  • Made jCore to work on strict MySQL setup too
  • Security fixes
  • Fixed pasword crypting to fall back to other crypters if generation failed
  • Fixed disabling css/js compression if zlib compression enabled by default for php
  • Fixed sitemap even if seo friendly links deactivated
  • Added possibility to importe youtu.be videos too
  • Fixed importing Vimeo videos
  • Optimized jCore jQuery plugin
  • Added possibility to recognize ajax requests without having to add ajax=1 to the urls
  • Fixed CSRF token to not expire randomly but at the defined time
  • Replaced ajax content links to use data-target attributes instead of target as this way it is possible to have links working without js
  • Fixed editing comment without js
  • Fixed cancelling editing comment
  • Add .first and .last to url::displayPath()
  • Fixed editing comments to work right after deleting a comment
  • Added option to define current date/time to TimeStamp fields in dynamic forms (use %NOW% and/or %NOW_DATE% and/or %NOW_TIME%)

New in this release

  • Added possibility to extend the jCore jQuery plugin so you don't have to parse each ajax content manually, just add your own js code to the jCore plugin and it will do it automatically.

    $.jCore.extend(function() { //yourcode here });
    $.jCore.extend('.color-input', function() { //your code here });
    $.jCore.extend('.color-input', 'ColorPicker');


You can get this pre release at:

What next

There is still a lot to do but if there won't be any critical bugs in this release I'm planing to push this out as a real 1.0 version so everyone can upgrade as it includes a lot of features and fixes that should everyone use and not have to manually update.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to write if there is anything or in the comments below or on our forum.