It was a hard 3 months but finally it's here. The new jCore 0.9 is ready with some of the notable changes being a new Module and Update manager, multiple layouts support for Templates, separated Menu items and Pages, availability to limit Pages/Blocks to user groups, possibility to add Posts to blocks without having to assign them to pages, CSV export for dynamic form's data, IPv6 compatibility, Mobile browser detection for blocks, Coupon codes for shopping cart and a lot more.


With this new release we are now ready for pushing out the big 1.0 in the next months. The next step is to make this release as bug free as possible and also make it secure in the same time and then we will be ready for the first really stable release. Also we will focus more of our times in the future for developing more templates/modules so you can enjoy not just the functionality of the system but the look of it too :)


  • Fixed editing user group permissions if the group's ID is the same as the user's you are logged in
  • Fixed selecting posts owner if user has one or more permissions set in admin
  • Fixed comment url in the notification emails if comment posted in admin at Posts at Glance section
  • Fixed security whole where posts added to a member area were accessible using the RSS feeds.
  • Fixed pagenumbers to not jumb around on mouse hover
  • Fixed possibility to add more items to cart as available in stock by adding the same item separately to the cart.
  • Fixed the problem where success message wasn't shown if form linked to page instead of content code used in a post.
  • Fixed menu items to set target to _blank if link contains :// and doesn't contain the SITE_URL
  • Fixed posts calendar to work for defined pages too.
  • Fixed default timezone in static.php too so there won't be php warning messages for css/js requests.

New Additions / Changes

  • Added {pages} content code so you can easily access pages from content codes and things like selected page title/url and so on.
  • Changed the way Menu Items and Pages are handled meaning they are now separated so you don't have to duplicate a page just to have the same menu item in a different block.
  • Added update manager which will allow you to easily upgrade jCore client sites and even jCore server sites if the permissions are right (you should never have any problems if using suPHP)
  • Added option to Global Settings for activating Manual Gettext in cases where php gettext is available but not working (also you can use this to test your translation and not having problems with gettext caching)
  • Changed posts edit link to Posts at Glance so they work for posts without page id (for e.g. when using jCore as a blogging system)
  • Added prev year, month, week to month, week, day calendars for faster navigation
  • Changed form entry titles to label html tags so they can be clicked on
  • Added option to fill widget areas with posts without assigning them to a page so it makes a lot easier to set up websites with posts in different places on a template
  • Use new html5 nav and article tags for menus and posts
  • Added IPv6 compatibility
  • Added possibility to disable CSS/JS compression on system where you can activate a system wide compression from htaccess. To deactivate the css/js compression just add define('COMPRESSION_DISABLED', true); to your or
  • Added Module Manager for easily install, activate, deactivate and even delete modules from admin.
  • Added possibility for templates to have their own install/uninstall functions and template exporter will keep these when an existing template is exported
  • Added option to display only/except a layout block if Mobile Browser detected.
  • Added posts search and keyword arguments to do a search or show posts for defined keywords using content codes.
  • Added {pages}path{/pages} content code to display the path with page Titles, also you can access all page values with the sql column keys
  • Added Add Keywords for posts/shopping items and make these easier to use by autofocus the search fields
  • Added possibility for modules/templates to activate their own jquery plugins separately from the global jquery plugins list which will not overload your javascript if switching templates/modules
  • Added possibility to define the language of a post too if not posted to a page this way allowing you to have a blog system with multi language
  • Added Not searchable to posts so you can exclude them from search results if you want
  • Added option to limit Pages, Blocks, Menu items, dynamic form Fields to user groups too.
  • Added read/write own permissions so you can limit access to admins to access only their own posts and so on.
  • Added Export to CSV for dynamic form's data.
  • Added option to hide expired announcements.
  • Added option to define the format of a post/shopping item with content code to easily create latest news headlines with e.g. {posts}news/latest/5/format/%title%{/posts}
  • Added layouts so you can have multiple block layouts like "One Column", "Two Column" and so on and each layout can have unlimited blocks/website structure and you can assign the layouts to pages when you create new pages. Thanks John for the idea!
  • Added coupon codes option for shopping cart so you can define discount percentages/amounts for defined codes, even set quantity and start/end date for them
  • Added notification email for shopping items on low stock
  • Made more optimizations on SQL queries.
  • Recompiled all jQuery plugins with the latest closure
  • Launch installer if default config and install.php exists without having to manually load it.

New jQuery Plugins

Updated jQuery Plugins

  • AnimateShadow
  • Caroufredsel
  • Cycle
  • DataLink
  • jQuery.UI
  • FileUpload
  • ImgAreaSelect
  • Isotope
  • Keypad
  • Lightbox_me
  • mCustomScrollbar
  • Nivo.Slider
  • Orbit
  • qAptcha
  • Reel
  • Signaturepad
  • Slides
  • Sudoslider
  • Tmpl
  • Transform
  • Validval
  • Zoomooz

Updated jQuery to 1.6.1
Updated ckEditor to 3.6.1 (revision 7072)
Updated CSS3Pie to 1.0beta4

As always please feel free to share your thoughts/ideas/comments or on the forum or in the comments below, also we welcome you to join the development process of the next release on Github or even support jCore by sending in your own templates/modules/translations or donating one or two beers :)