Now with valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 3 code, also PHP Strict compatible, new WYSIWYG CKEditor, Multiupload for filemanager, pictures, attachments and a New Installer for easy installation.

After almost two long months I'm proud to announce the availability of jCore server and client 0.3. Also this release is backed up by a new Installer ver. 0.1 which can easily install the new jCore for you.

jCore server 0.3 changes

  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 3 Valid
  • PHP Strict valid code also all PHP Notification messages have been fixed
  • New posts handling for moving/copying posts from one menu to another
  • Multiupload for Filemanager, Pictures and Attachments
  • Security image reload possibility
  • New file manager with picture preview for both templates and content files
  • Ping blog servers on new posts (blog servers can be set in Global Settings)
  • Related posts can be shown for posts at the bottom
  • SMTP support (with SSL) for system emails
  • More content codes like: variables for post/get values
  • Thumbnails for gif files should also work and if no fall back to original picture
  • Possibility to rewrite module.css files from template.css
  • New jQuery plugins and now you can define which plugins to load for your site in the Global Settings, for e.g. corner will automatically make rounded corners for e.g. tooltip and so on
  • More cleanuping the names in settings
  • New CKEditor instead of the old fckEditor which makes jCore client less then 50k
  • Moved icons and fonts directory to lib/ so there won't be any conflict with apache's icons
  • Some security fixes for user handling

jCore client 0.3 changes

  • Compatibility with server 0.3
  • New CSS entries for the new features
  • Display CSS links in the HTML header for XHTML validation
  • Replaced old fckEditor with new CKEditor this way having jCore client size below 50k

In this release I also would like to thank to some of the supporters I worked with, Thank you guys!

Alex (who came up with great ideas for this release and helped me with the researches)
Nicolaus (who did a detailed code review and offered his ideas)

IMPORTANT: Those who have made their own modules it is important to change the modules registration at the start in your code from: modules::add(...) to: modules::register(...). This was required because of PHP Strict compatibility.