I'm happy to announce the availability of another three translations, Dutch by Bram Kortleven, French by David Brisebois and Persian by Foroshandegan Developer's Group which came in just a few days ago and there are two more in the pipe that I know of and should be available soon. Thank you guys for the commits and keep them coming!

Also there is a big change going on in the GIT version of jCore that I would like to point out especially for developers as it affects all versions and also the API.

UPDATED: Fri Mar. 4, as of today jCore server is compatible with older jCore client releases just like before!


Because we have more and more users there was one problem that made things a bit confusing and it had to be changed before we get to the stable 1.0 version. The problem is that most of the CMS-es are developed especially for blogging and menu items / page are handled like categories. jCore uses a different approach to setting up a website and this was a bit confusing to those who migrated from a different system so it was time to clean this one up too and set up a system that they are familiar with and can handle easily.

Starting from Mar. 4 this change has been implemented in a way that is compatible with older jCore client releases so no need for any changes if you don't want to upgrade!

Starting from 0.8 the Menu Items have been renamed to Pages and a new section was implemented called Posts at Glance which now works just like Wordpress or other CMS-es. Because of this changes the tables in the background and also some fields have been renamed to clean up things and have a better more logical approach of the content in the table structure too.

I put together a few sql queries that you will have to run on all of your websites to make them compatible with the new changes, the queries are:

RENAME TABLE `menuitems` TO `pages`;
RENAME TABLE `menuitemmodules` TO `pagemodules`;

ALTER TABLE  `blocks` CHANGE  `MenuItemIDs`  `PageIDs` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ,
CHANGE  `MenuItemExcept`  `PageExcept` TINYINT( 1 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT  '0';

UPDATE `userpermissions` SET `Path` = REPLACE(`Path`, 'admin/content/menuitems', 'admin/content/pages');
UPDATE `favoritelinks` SET `Link` = REPLACE(`Link`, 'admin/content/menuitems', 'admin/content/pages');
UPDATE `dynamicforms` SET `BrowseDataURL` = REPLACE(`BrowseDataURL`, 'admin/content/menuitems', 'admin/content/postsatglance');

ALTER TABLE  `postkeywords` CHANGE  `MenuItemIDs`  `PageIDs` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT  '';

Once you run the queries everything should work just as before but because of these table and field changes you may have to update your extended classes to refer to these new tables/fields if necessary but that should be all.

The point of these changes is that now you will be able to add Posts to your website's home page just like in other CMS-es without having to assign it to a menu item / page, you will find all your posts in one place and easily move them from one page to another and you will still have the old jCore way of handling things in the Pages section.

Also in the new Pages section you will be even able to create pages for defined keywords that will filter out posts with those keywords just like it is for categories on other CMS-es so it will be a lot easier to use jCore as a blogging system too (this will be finished in the next days).

You can test out the new changes from GIT, just check out jCore and jCore.sql and do a manual install to see how the new changes look like and please don't hesitate to let your feedback known so we can fix/commit changes that you may need before 0.8.

Thank you guys for your understanding and for all your help/reports and I hope this won't be to much of trouble.