With RSS Feeds you can keep you clients up to date without them having to visit your site. RSS Feeds are usually used for letting users known about new updates, news and so on. Usually these feeds don't contain the whole information about the news you want to share with them this way if it's interesting to them they will click on the news and visit your site to read more about it.

jCore automatically generates xml feed files when posting a new content this way making the rss feeds not to interfer with the sites functionality meaning if even tehre are 100 users who request your rss feed in the same time your server functionality won't be affected as these files are static files without any scripts running while requested as they got rewritten only when you make a change in your admin.

There is a global feed for all your site's post but there are also separate feeds for each menu you have this way you can share a menu content without having to share the other posts you have in your other areas of your site that aren't important to the users.

You can find your rss feeds in the rss/ directory, for e.g. jCore.net's feeds are:

In the admin you can add any of these feeds to your site, this way you can have multiple feeds assigned to your site and when users click on the feed icon they will be able to pick which is more interesting to them. For e.g. jCore.net feed is automatically linked to the News menu only so when you click on the Feed icon you will only get the posts from the News menu. If I would add a new rss feed in the admin for let say Features you would be able to pick to which feed you want to subscibe.

With these RSS Feed system you should be able to keep your clients up to date with all the news you have on your site without having to fear they will make your site slower.