With Brute Force Hacking attackers can test your system for accounts that may use word based on a dictionary, for e.g. if you have an account with a password qwerty they will start a program that will try your username with known passwords from a password dictionary and after 100 or even less tries they will notice that the qwerty password worked just fine so your account got compromised.

To prevent this from happening jCore uses a Brute Force Protection that will ban users for 60 minutes if they enter the password wrong for 5 times and if they still continue with the logins after 30 tries the system will ban them out for 2 weeks. 

You can change all these numbers from the admin Global Settings area and you can even have an email sent to you when a brute force attack is noticed this way knowing that something is going on on your site and step in if needed.

With this Brute Force Attack Protection feature you should be able to keep your accounts a bit safer and even notice if there is something going on so you can make the neccessary steps like banning the whole ip class out from the whole server.