With advertisements you can have people advertise on your site and this way earn money. In th admin's Ads & Banners section you will be able to create new ads by two different ways:

  • Uploading a banner (with this option you can upload your clients own banner from the admin and even show them the numbers of how many times a banner was shown and how many times it got clicked)
  • Using an Ad Code (with this option you can add ad codes like Google Ads or Ad Brite codes which will generate your money. Unfortunately with ad codes the system isn't able to count the clicks as those are handled by the codes generated to display the ads.)

When creating a new ad you can define the block in which you would like to place your ad. To have a compatible block to add ads to when creating the block just define the content type to be Advertisement and that's it, then you will be able to add ads to this block.

This Advertisement feature within blocks should allow you to place any amount of ads at any place of your site and even show you statistics of your ads to see which places are going better.