Projects have to evolve in order to keep it in shape and to answer the webmasters requirements. I have the following ideas for further releases. They are not ordered by importancy but randomly as they popup in my head so any of them may come to the next release. 

  • phpBB Forum integration
  • For posts add Tell a Friend, Print and Copy as pdf
  • Database backup system for the admin with restore possibilities
  • Private messaging module for members
  • Live help/chat module
  • Submit new site to major search engines module
  • Digg it extension for posts.
  • FAQ Module.
  • Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla import module.
  • Use module paths for SEO Links as we do with menus and posts.
  • Tickets system for admins to let us know if there is something wron in their admin and we (webmasters) can go in and fix those things fast and let them know in the ticket system too.
  • Shoutbox module.
  • OpenID integration.
  • Flag content possibility.
  • Add user tracking system

At the moment there is no roadmap available so I can't provide you with deadlines or exact lists of what features to come with the next release but they will come and you can follow more closely the status of the development by following me on twitter.

If you have any ideas/thoughts you would like to add to this list please let us know in the comments below.