Includes CCBill checkout, table prefixes to be able to use same db for multiple sites, block caching for sites under heavy load, picture watermarking and more.

This release has been pushed out a bit earlier then expected as it has some important code clean ups that will affect all the client sites too but also includes some great changes that will make worth the trouble to upgrade.

jCore server 0.4 changes

  • Possibility to define table prefixes allowing to use the same DB for multiple sites
  • Block caching which should speed up page loads and also lower server usage for sites with heavy load
  • CCBill order method also added to shopping (also some more planed like Google Checkout in the next releases)
  • Picture watermarking with both text or your own logo added (see Global Settings)
  • Note / Todo manager for administrators which should come handy on meetings with your client by storing your notes
  • Security image customization added to Global Settings and will allow you to define different colors, custom font and more
  • File downloading (attachments) has been fixed to work with Internet Explorer also will work with browsers not supporting javascript
  • Lightbox will automatically resize images bigger then 960px width so even previewing very big images will look great
  • When partial content checked for a post and no Vertical Line (hr) is set the first paragraph will be used for content header, this also works in shopping items.
  • A bunch of bug fixes and code clean ups.

jCore client 0.4 changes

  • Made compatible with jCore server 0.4

jCore installer 0.2 changes

  • Added option to define table prefixes
  • Will check for both already existing jCore system files and tables and will require confirmation to overwrite them.

IMPORTANT: when upgrading jCore server to 0.4 pease don't forget to change SITE_URL_PATH to SITE_URL and SITE_ABSOLUTE_PATH to SITE_PATH in, also in places where you used it as content code (for e.g. in the header block for the link on the logo) and also in all client sites that depend on the server in the files.

NOTE: for CCBill to work you will have to ask them to enable Custom Pricing for your subaccount and also send them the Encryption Key that you choose as that will be used for custom pricing, and then go to CCBill Webadmin -> Tools -> Account Maintenance -> Account Admin -> 00XX (pick an account) -> Advanced and in the Approval Post URL enter: so your orders get automatically updated once the payment is done.

Enjoy the new release and please let me know in the comments whatever problems you may/are having with this release.